Automatic embossing-rewinding machine

paper alufoil

For maximum production speed of baking paper catering rolls
The automatic embossing machine is suitable for aluminum foil and special complexes such as aluminum foil and paper.
The machine features a motorized steel engraved roller with the embossing pattern driving the wool-paper roller. High embossing quality and accuracy are achieved through a combination of electronically adjustable hydraulic pressure, extreme mechanical precision and a constant and smooth web tension throughout the entire process.

Technical data
Material: Alufoil (bare, lacquered, printed), alufoil-paper laminates
Outer diameter of mother rolls: 1,000 mm max
Inner diameter of mother rolls: 150 mm (other diameters on request)
Material width: 280 ÷ 500 mm
Outer diameter of finished embossed roll: 400 mm
Inner diameter of rolls: 76,2 mm (other diameters on request)
Embossing speed: up to 400 m/min
Absorbed power: 8 kW Max
Electric power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph + 0 + E (other on request)
Compressed air: 0,5 - 0,8 Mpa
Hydraulic system and electronical control of working pressure Included
Overall dimensions L x W x H: 3,300 x 2,200 x 2,000 mm approx.
Weight: 2,500 Kg approx.