The most advanced solutions for a micro-embossing process in one step

Our embossing technology offers the highest level of efficiency and permits a full customization, producing a wide range of different patterns on alufoil or paper.


145 SG

film paper alufoil
Automatic embossing-rewinding machine

The versatile automatic rewinding machine 145s.G by Rotomac converts aluminium, film and paper for food packaging. The USP of the 145s.G lies in the embossing of aluminium foils and paper; in just one single step, the 145s.G transforms smooth aluminium foil or paper rolls into common household rolls with embossed foil or paper. The micro-embossing unit is an integral part and installed within the machine itself. The embossing roller is pre-assembled in a modular unit that can easily and quickly be removed and replaced with another roller with a different design, so that many patterns can be produced.

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paper alufoil
Automatic embossing-rewinding machine

The 343 is a very compact embossing machine by Rotomac and its handling is highly intuitive. It converts aluminum foil from plain mother rolls to embossed rolls, but may also be used to process other materials, such as paper, up to a width of 500 mm. The 343 can be used even for small productions and laboratory tests.

The machine includes the unwind stand of the mother rolls, the embossing assembly with associated drive and control devices, and the rewinding group for the embossed material. The 343 is equipped with an interchangeable embossing cartridge that can be replaced easily and quickly when changing the embossing pattern. The cartridge comprises the embossing engraved steel roller and the counter roller, which, depending on the technology used, can be of paper-wool, rubber, or stainless steel. The machine is thus perfectly suitable for frequent format changes.

The embossing cassette is interchangeable between the 343 machine and the 145s.G machine.

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K 100

Embossing machine for alufoil...

K100 by GOEBEL IMS is the embossing machine for thin aluminum foil and alu-paper complexes.

The machine has a motorized steel grooved roller (with the embossing pattern) which drives the wool-paper roller by special gears with double toothed crown eliminating mechanical backlash during operation. The high embossing quality and accuracy are obtained through a combination of adjustable hydraulic pressure, extreme mechanical precision and state-of-the-art software for a constant and smooth web tension through the entire process.

The machine can be also equipped with wool-paper semi-automatic ‘wetting’ package to include water pump, nozzles and relevant software program, for repeatable user-friendly procedure/recipe for the preparation of the wool-paper roll before starting a new production.

The machine is also available in a special version with interchangeable embossing unit cassette, to allow fast production changes.

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