The New Era of Automatic Rewinding Machines: the ICEBREAKER Series

With the aim to continuous improvement of new technological solutions able to guarantee greater performance and better working conditions, ROTOMAC has developed a new series of automatic rewinders.

The ROTOMAC rewinding machines of the ICEBREAKER series presents advanced technological solutions that deliver exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact.

The ICEBREAKER series introduces several key enhancements and advancements, including:

  • Automatic setting to core length and web width. The rewinder automatically adjusts to the core length and web width, eliminating the need for manual operations when switching between different core lengths. By simply setting the new core length on the operator panel, the core hopper adjusts automatically. With rewinder machines of the ICEBREAKER SERIES, the change overs due to different core length or different web width are very fast and trouble free operations.
  • Very rigid and precise turret unit. The machines can be equipped with a turret with 4 or 6 spindles, according to whether they are preferably used to produce rolls for catering or for households.
  • Large HMI (Human Machine Interface) with advanced diagnostic for a more intuitive machine control and navigation
  • Great care to design. Attention to detail in designing a high-quality product aesthetic adds charm to production processes. The differences emerge from sophisticated and elegant decorative elements, enhancing the overall appearance and appeal of the product.


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