In addition to the rewinders portfolio, ROTOMAC offers a range of packaging equipment which provides very competitive solutions to the very specific requirements of handling the shape and size of rolls of aluminum foil, plastic film and baking paper.

These ROTOMAC packaging machines are also designed to be easily and effectively connected to the entire range of rewinding units by means of conveyor belts and feeding units specifically developed for rolls, to give a fully automatic and integrated production system.

The entire range of ROTOMAC packaging machines are distinguished by the compactness of their design and robust construction as they are intended for long and continuous use over many years, with minimal downtime required for maintenance. They are all extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit different sizes of roll, carton and case.

Types of packaging machines

  • Cartoning machines are used for packing the rolls into individual cartons
  • Shrink wrapping machines are used for over wrapping the rolls with shrink film
  • Case packing machines are used for the introduction of filled cartons or rolls over wrapped with shrink film inside corrugated cardboard cases.


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