The leading automatic solution for producing aluminum foil, plastic film and baking paper rolls for food wrapping uses.

The range of ROTOMAC rewinding machines includes models which differ in terms of effectiveness and performance based on the type of rolls produced:

  • Series 100 rewinding machine constant speed
  • Series 300 rewinding machines start & stop cycle
  • Rewinding machines for household rolls
  • Rewinding machines for catering rolls
  • Machines dedicated to the production of other types of rolls such as rolls for hairdressers, florists, table linens or wrapping paper

All ROTOMAC rewinding machines are distinguished by the compactness of their design and robust construction, as they are intended for long and continuous use over many years, as well as maximum flexibility. They can be easily adapted to produce rolls from materials with differing technical specifications as well as rolls with different features:

  • Rolls with glue start, vacuum or glueless start
  • Rolls with the ends closed by label or by hot melt glue
  • Rolls with the ends left loose
  • Rolls of plastic film with the ends curled for easy opening
  • Rolls of perforated plastic film
  • Rolls of embossed aluminium

The ROTOMAC rewinding machines combine high performance and output with energy efficiency, by using specific devices for energy recovery. The units also use the latest generation of operating software, which allows production parameters to be stored and easily recalled by customized recipes. In order to offer total flexibility, all ROTOMAC machines are produced in different widths.

The Rotomac rewinding machines of the ICEBREAKER series offer technological solutions able to ensure highest performance and better enviromental impact.
The innovative ICEBREAKER series features the following main upgrades and improvements:

  • Automatic setting to web width
  • Automatic setting to core length
  • Very rigid and precise turret unit
  • Large HMI (Human Machine Interface) with advanced diagnostic
  • Great care to design


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