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Do you find that you spend time and money on the newest, state of the art, fastest slitter rewinder machine to then find that 70% of the time the machine is at a standstill?

It can be extremely frustrating. The operators are doing what they can, the slitter runs at maximum speed, the end product is just what you need, but why is so much time and money lost on machines doing nothing?

The majority of the reasons are very simple and common to most converters. The slitter rewinder machines run for 30-40% of the time and the rest they are waiting whilst the operator takes care of the job changeovers, end of line requirements such as labelling, wrapping and bagging, handling those flagged rolls and removing defected ones, loading a new master roll, setting up the machine with new recipes, setting up knives or even adjusting knives and lasers, loading new cores and general maintenance activities.

It is an ongoing list that hinders the work flow, work continuity with little control on cycle time and productivity.

LAEM IMS has the answer and it is not in the speed of the machine, or the number of staff assigned to the job, the answer lies in automation and integration of end of line processes with interactive communication.

Today people talk about Industry 4.0 because it is the talk of the top guys and the words to be used, however the all desired factory of the future is represented by Industry 4.0 is much simpler, it is within reach,  made to suit your needs, your space and your budget and it is a Laem System brand called i-solution.

Come and see us at ICE EUROPE in Munich on 21-23 March, let the Laem team enlighten you on how we can help you out.

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