Inaugurated the new production plant in Calcinate (BG), Italy

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IMS Technologies held a grand opening ceremony for its new production facility in Calcinate, Bergamo, on June 26, 2024.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was presided over by CEO Stefano Bartolini and President Paolo Clerici, with participation from local government representatives, community members, and business executives. The group’s total area now stands at 28,500 square meters thanks to this new 5,500-square-meter extension. The expansion comes after all assembly operations in Italy were consolidated, resulting in the plant in Darmstadt, Germany, closing in 2021. With additional production facilities in Bergamo and Alessandria, as well as sales and after-sales offices in Germany, the USA, and China, IMS Technologies currently has its headquarters located in Calcinate (BG), Italy.

The project
Along with the new building, a break area, an ecological island, new offices and changing areas, and a large new parking lot were constructed during the roughly one-year-long Calcinate campus expansion project.
At the construction site, three fundamental principles were followed: maximizing the functionality of the structures, guaranteeing the safety of every worker, and promoting environmentally friendly practices to minimize their impact.
Finally, the project was designed to be modular in order to allow for future expansion in order to support business growth.

Visit this link to view the event’s video and read more.

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