LAEM IMS with Bandera and UK Extrusion for Blown Film Seminar

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Being part of last week’s Blown Film Seminar event organized by the Bandera and UK Extrusion was a great experience.

The talks were very mixed and touched a wide and very much varied area of topics, all in some way interconnected.

The chance for LAEM IMS to be able to express what we believe in passionately and share these beliefs with others, was magical.

For those who missed out on the event, LAEM IMS touched on WHY innovation, automation, technology is such an important part of our lives today and in the future. We shed light on the need for this technology and the way that it can be implemented in such a positive way and not only to increase productivity, which let’s face it in the business world is one of the key drives that we have, but we looked at how this technology can be an advantage for each player along the chain; for the investing producer or converter, for their client and the end user.

We went on to explain HOWLAEM IMS has been able to create such different innovative, intelligent, integrated solutions, sharing with the team true case study figures and numbers.

The occasion allowed us to share some LAEM IMSi.Solutions, therefore underlining WHAT can be done by showing some very simple to extremely complex solutions, illustrating the sheer flexibility and particularities of our projects.

For LAEM IMS the “WHAT” is a melting pot of slitter rewinder technologies for the flexible packaging industry with a twist; a series of automations aimed at making your life easier, safer and more pro-active. The “dreaded downtimes” can be reduced so easily with a dedicated solution to not only get rid of the tedious and time-consuming set up times but also take care of the work flow and work continuity, automatically handling and moving the finished product away from the slitting area passing through a series of interlinked and automated processes of labelling, weighing, bagging, quality control, palletizing, pallet loading, pallet wrapping, stretch, strapping, labelling and exit. Of course, full traceability is a must where machines and computers are linked and talk the same interconnected language upstream and downstream. We do it all.

Investments in making what you do easier and better are opportunities and doorways to an improved future. They should neither be looked upon with fear nor compared to a cost (negative no return). An investment is something that will enhance and give you something back.

Please contact LAEM IMS at to find out more about the different solutions that would make a significant difference to your business today.

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