Coreless is more
  • Less weight
  • Less costs
  • Less time
  • Less environmental impact

The only automatic rewinding machine that produces CORELESS aluminum rolls

The Turning Point in Aluminum Roll Converting.

The concept is a snap: no more core, but a simple paper sheet at the heart of the roll. This allows to produce higher quality rolls, with a smoother and more uniform external surface and very little wrinkles inside.

Thanks to our consolidated know-how and experience in the industry, as demonstrated by the widespread presence of more than 2000 machines and solutions all over the world, we have developed a new rewinding machine that allows to produce aluminum rolls without core.

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The absence of core ensures a sharp reduction of stock and logistics costs.
-87.5% of stock and logistics costs.


Handling one box of cores vs handling paper sheets is different. A box of cores is 10 kg, and it contains about 280 cores, while 10 kg of paper sheets are about 1500 sheets.
A significant increase in production.


Co2 emissions are lowered: for the same number of rolls produced, the number of trucks needed to deliver paper sheets is 1/8 the number of trucks that would be necessary to transport traditional cores. The coreless rolls of aluminium foil are more environmentally friendly than conventional ones.

87.5% savings of carbon emissions from transport.


As a matter of fact, the coreless roll helps companies to use production materials in a more cost-effective way. This is because, at the same production conditions, less paper is used. While a traditional core weights 27 grams (0.06 lbs) on average, the paper sheet for coreless rolls weights 7.2 grams (0.015 lbs), entailing a 73% reduction in paper use.


One of the main advantages is material optimization, with a positive impact on companies’ operating costs and, most importantly, on our planet.
Space-efficiency is ensured.


Machines have an impact on operators’ work. ICEBREAKER 167 doesn’t have any hopper, which makes the machine more operator-friendly while helping the operator to handle the paper sheets more easily. Also, the operator does not have to unload a lot of benches from the track. Think about unloading 1 bench of sheets vs 6 benches of cores.


During the rewinding process no adhesive material – such as glue – is needed because the inner edge is wrapped without using hot melt-glue.


The machine also impacts the degree of cleanliness of the workplace. Less dust produced compared to a machine with cores, and again, a better environmental impact.

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ROTOMAC – a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES – is the global leader in the production of rewinding as well as packaging and accessory machinery for food wrapping, boasting more than 2000 machines installed all over the world.
It designs, develops, and manufactures customized machines and complete turnkey plants that convert aluminum foil, plastic film, and baking paper from mother rolls into consumer-sized rolls for household, catering and professional use markets.

All ROTOMAC machines combine innovative designs with an outstanding manufacturing performance.

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