Offering Highest Productivity and Outstanding Service

ROTOMAC – a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES – is the global leader in the production of rewinding as well as packaging and accessory machinery for food wrapping, boasting more than 2000 machines installed all over the world.

It designs, develops, and manufactures customized machines and complete turnkey plants that convert aluminum foil, plastic film, and baking paper from mother rolls into consumer-sized rolls for household, catering and professional use markets.

All ROTOMAC machines combine innovative designs with an outstanding manufacturing performance.

A Broad Portfolio of Highly Efficient Machines for a Variety of Applications

Thanks to the utilization of innovative technologies, all ROTOMAC machines offer the highest operating efficiency. New solutions and applications are constantly developed based on market needs and individual customer requests. A dedicated team of experts identifies specific requirements of the production process and then develops a customized solution.

Thus, the needs of medium-sized companies as well as of larger producers can be fulfilled. All ROTOMAC machines require minimal support due to their high reliability, ease of use and robust construction.

The ROTOMAC range of machines includes:

  • Automatic rewinding machines producing rolls for food wrapping
  • Cartoning machines for packaging rolls into cartons
  • Shrink wrapping machines for wrapping rolls with shrink film
  • Special rewinding machines for the production of other roll types
  • Case packaging machines for loading finished products into corrugated cardboard cases
  • Accessories and additional equipment to improve the output, efficiency, and quality of roll production plants
  • Complete lines and production plants.

ROTOMAC’s great experience and know-how allow to offer innovative and customized solutions, with state-of-the-art technology, flexibility and service applied to all the development process.


ROTOMAC offers a broad portfolio of machines that convert a wide range of aluminum foil for food wrapping as well as other special applications. Thanks to high-end technology, both standard alufoil and embossed foil can be processed. Advanced machine equipment is available for the production of alufoil for household and professional purposes.


To convert paper rolls for the food industry, ROTOMAC provides several rewinding machines. Possible applications are among others baking paper, non-sticky paper, paper with or without silicone coating, parchment paper and waxed paper. In addition, special machinery for paper cloth as well as for paper rolls for professional purposes are available.


ROTOMAC is a supplier of rewinding machines for the highly productive and efficient converting of plastic film. Various solutions such as an automatic changing system for mother rolls are available to further increase the performance in the converting process.
All machines and technical equipment are either suitable for converting film for household or professional purposes both classic (PE and PVC) or new BIO films. A special, flexible machine version allows both applications. Additional machine accessories for the perforation and outer-tail curling are available.

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