Rotomac’s coreless aluminum foil roll made it to the finals of Sustainability Awards 2023

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We are thrilled to announce that Rotomac – a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES was listed among the finalists of Packaging Europe’s renowned Sustainability Awards 2023. Such recognition derives from our pioneering project centered around the coreless aluminum foil roll produced by our revolutionary ICEBREAKER 167 rewinding machine, which was launched last May during the Interpack show in Düsseldorf.


The Sustainability Awards honor notable innovations and projects in the packaging value chain, encouraging the use of cutting-edge technologies and best practices to reduce environmental impact. This prestigious competition – funded by Packaging Europe – is judged by a panel of 54 industry experts and professionals from various backgrounds. The Sustainability Awards are often referred to as the “Nobel Prize of Sustainability” due to their global involvement and the credibility of the international jury.


The coreless aluminum foil roll from Rotomac was chosen as one of 60 finalist projects in the Sustainability Awards 2023. This edition saw the highest number of submissions (325), as well as broad participation and diversification across geography and industry. The finalists have been divided into 13 categories, all of them concerned with sustainability. Our coreless roll fits within the “Pre-commercialized Climate” category, which covers packaging innovations that are not yet in commercial use but enhance resource efficiency by, for example, decreasing material carbon footprint or the overall climate impact of packaging.


Rotomac’s coreless roll is a pioneering packaging invention with considerable environmental benefits. By replacing the traditional cardboard core with a thin sheet of paper, the coreless roll adheres to the “less is more” idea. This has three major benefits:

  1. Less paper: while traditional core weighs 27 grams, the paper sheet used for the new coreless roll weighs only 7.2 grams, resulting in a 73% reduction in paper use. This also means lower production costs.
  2. Less logistics and stock costs: annual manufacture of coreless rolls takes only one truck, as opposed to eight trucks for typical cores. As a result, warehouse space requirements are reduced.
  3. Less environmental impact: because fewer trucks are moved, CO2 emissions are minimized, with an 87.5% reduction in total annual emissions.

These are only a few of the environmental and economic advantages of Rotomac’s coreless roll.


The award ceremony – which took place on November 14th, 2023, in Amsterdam – was a great occasion to discover many other interesting and valuable projects, all targeting sustainability missions. Even though we were not assigned the first place at this competition, we are very happy to have been shortlisted as finalists and have had the opportunity to take part in such a great and fruitful event. Our nomination makes us extremely proud and satisfied with the time and dedication we put into designing and building the ICEBREAKER 167 rewinder. We hope to contribute to a more sustainable future and world through our endeavor.

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