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Machine Description

High flexible rewinding machine for household rolls

The automatic rewinding machine 165 S converts aluminum foil, plastic film and baking paper rolls for household use. It is the ideal solution for manufacturers who need maximum flexibility and high efficiency at low operating costs.

Technical Data

165S.6/470 (6 spindles)
Outer diameter of aluminum or paper mother rolls:1000 mm max
Outer diameter of plastic film mother rolls:500 mm max
Outer diameter of finished rolls:75 mm max
Rewinding speed:800 m/min
Number of cycles:up to 45 1 / min
Overall dimensions L x W x H:3400 x 2200 x 2400 mm
Number of spindles on turret:6 driven + 6 idle
Automatic setting to core lenght and web width:included

Mechanical output

Aluminum foil:10 m x 30 cm x 10 / 13 μm:42 pcs/min
Aluminum foil:30 m x 30 cm x 10 / 13 μm:20 pcs/min
PVC/PE film:30 m x 30 cm x 8 / 12 μm:20 pcs/min


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