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Machine Description

Embossing and rewinding machine for micro-embossed rolls

The automatic embossing rewinding machine ICEBREAKER 165 SG processes rolls of micro-embossed aluminum foil. Standard aluminum foil, plastic film and baking paper rolls for household and catering use can also be produced. The 165 SG simplifies the production of micro-embossed foils thanks to a micro-embossing unit.

This unit is an integral part of the rewinding machine and installed into the machine frame.

It allows the aluminum foil to be embossed with a pattern or drawing prior to the rewinding onto the core.

The individual embossing rollers are pre-assembled into the unit and can quickly be removed and replaced. Thus, a wide range of designs and patterns can be produced easily without needing a separate embossing machine.

Thanks to the micro-embossing unit, the roll production functions at similar costs as conventional roll productions.

Technical Data

165S.6/470G (6 spindles)165S.4/470G (4 spindles)
Outer diameter of aluminum or paper mother rolls:1000 mm max1000 mm max
Outer diameter of plastic film mother rolls:500 mm max500 mm max
Outer diameter of finished rolls:60 mm max90 mm max
Rewinding speed:800 m/min900 m/min
Number of cycles:up to 45 1 / minup to 30 1/min
Overall dimensions L x W x H:4100 x 2200 x 2400 mm4100 x 2200 x 2400 mm
Number of spindles on turret:6 driven + 6 idle4 driven + 4 idle
Automatic setting to core length and web width:IncludedIncluded

Mechanical output

165S.6/470G (6 spindles)165S.4/470G (4 spindles)
Smooth Aluminum foil10 m x 30 cm x 10 / 13 μm:42 pcs/min----
Smooth Aluminum foil30 m x 30 cm x 10 / 13 μm:18 pcs/min18 pcs/min
Smooth Aluminium foil150 m x 30 cm x 11 /13 um:----3,0 pcs/min
Microembossed Aluminum foil10 m x 30 cm x 11 / 13 μm:30 pcs/min----
Microembossed Aluminum foil30 m x 30 cm x 11 / 13 μm:11 pcs/min11 pcs/min
Microembossed Aluminium foil150 m x 30 cm x 11 /13 um:----2,0 pcs/min
PVC / PE film30 m x 30 cm x 8 / 12 μm:20 pcs/min20 pcs/min
PVC / PE film300 m x 30 cm x 8 / 12 um:----2,0 pcs/min


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