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Machine Description

Top loading, high speed cartoning machine for catering rolls

The top loading cartoning machine has been developed to pack any kind of catering rolls (alufoil, paper and film) into fluted cartons. Especially designed for the food industry, the machine can be connected to one or more automatic rewinding machines to maximize output.

It comprises a carton erector, a compact robot that quickly inserts rolls into cartons and a carton closing device.

The carton erector can be of two different types:
– for folded and pre-glued cartons (machine model 635)
– for flat (unfolded and un-glued) cartons (machine model 655).

The filling and closing device model 645 complete the packaging of the roll and seal the carton with hot-melt glue.

Specially designed cartons support the roll without any additional suspension device. No plastic or other core plugs are needed.

The blank is designed to minimize cardboard consumption and to reduce carton costs.

The ROTOMAC top loading cartoner can be provided with downstream equipment for labeling, plastic blades feeding, printing, bundling and wrapping.

Technical Data

Carton dimension:Section: from 80x80 mm up to 100x100 mm (One size, NOT Adjustable)
Length: from 320 mm up to 515 mm (Adjustable)
Speed:up 15 pcs/min
Overall dimension L x W x H:12000 x 3600 x 2400
Plastic blades feeder:On request
Additional equipment for wrapping, labeling and ink jet marking:On request


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