MR 16

Any disruption in a production more

Machine Description

Automatic roll accumulator for rolls

Any disruption in a production process can efficiently compensated with ROTOMAC’s automatic roll accumulator.
MR16 is an additional unit improving downstream automation and minimize operator intervention.
The roll accumulator reduces the stop-time of the rewinding machine by temporarily storing the rolls.
Once the production can be restarted, the automatic roll accumulator releases the rolls and transfer them to the cartoning machine.

Technical Data

MR 16
Input speed:up to 50 pcs/min
Output speed: up to 55 pcs/min
Width of the rolls:from 200 mm to 460 mm
Outer diameter of rolls:up to 56 mm
Number of collected rolls:up to 130
Overall measures L x W x H:2500 x 1500 x 2100 mm approx.
Discharging unit for two rolls at the same time:On request
Customized executions: On request


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